but a woman's hands are warm :) you can also follow me on https://facebook.com/mrjustlyrics and on https://twitter.com/mrjustlyrics these are the lyrics for Ed Sheeran’s new song “Hands of Gold” for Dragonstone, the first episode of the long-awaited seventh, last season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. in this part of the episode, Arya Stark is wandering around riding a horse in her way to kill queen Cersei when she encounters a group of friendly group of Lannister soldiers, alongside Cameo, who offer a rabbit and blackberry wine for her no copyright infringement in this video; all the rights go to Ed Sheeran, Jeremy Podeswa, and HBO, as well as their other possible labels. this video was made for the unique purposes of entertainment lyrics: he rode through the streets of the city down from his hill on high over the winds and the steps and the cobbles he rode to a woman's cry for she was his secret treasure she was his shame and bliss and a chain and a keep are nothing compared to a woman's kiss for hands of gold are always cold but a woman's hands are warm for hands of gold are always cold but a woman's hands are warm

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