Here is my Acapella version of Imagine Dragons mashed with Lemaitre "Higher" Let me know what you all think! PATREON EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: John Pestana Landy Manderson Hans Haskell Guenez Muhamed Sébastien MABON scarlet Erin Davis Corvi Support My Videos: -------- Connect with Mike! Vlog Channel: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: MikeTompkins87 ___ ———— Lemaitre - Higher (Audio) ft. Maty Noyes —————— "Thunder" - originally by Imagine Dragons Written by: Ben McKee, Daniel Platzman, Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Alexander Grant & Jayson DeZuzio Published by: Universal Music Publishing Get Imagine Dragons’ new album Evolve, ft. ‘Believer,’ ‘Thunder,’ ‘Whatever It Takes’ and ‘Walking The Wire,’ out now:  -------- Audio Stems available at: All production by: Mike Tompkins Secret word is: Carrot Juice

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